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Super Killer Issue



Since a few days, Home Media Center x64 is not working anymore.
When clicking the shortcut, splash screen comes and goes, then the main window appears and as soon it appears, a pop up window displaying there is a problem comes out, and the program directly closes. No more indication about the crash.

I tried everything:
  • uninstall and reinstall x64 version;
  • uninstall x64 and install x86 version;
  • uninstall x86 and reinstall it;
  • reinstall LAV filters;
  • reinstall ffdshows filters (64).
Nothing succeeded.

Any solution to solve the issue?

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Zzackk wrote Mar 22 at 11:49 PM

HMC Resurrection.
After Windows 10 update, it' not crashing anymore.
Update is KB4015438.