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Unable to stream desktop on Windows 10



Home Media Center is a great program but I have a problem with latest version 2.9 x64. When I try to open any of the Desktop Stream links in a browser, the player appears and the counter starts but it stays just black. I tried HTML5, flash, flash HD with no effect. I noticed the following error in the HMC Console:

Starting encode desktop as video/mp4
Unable to recode entire input HRESULT=0x80004005

These are the Encode parameters of the Stream: &codec=mpeg2_ps&vidbitrate=5000&width=1280&height=768&fps=25&audio=1&obufsize=2048&audbitrate=128

LAV Splitter - Installed
WM ASF Writer - Installed
FFDshow Raw Video Filter - Installed
Microsoft MPEG-2-Encoder - Installed
HMC Encoder - Installed

What could be causing this problem?
Many thanks in advance!