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Info - Windows Server 2008 R2

first post: PeterLindgren wrote: Hi! I just want to share a (partial) success story! Installed the 2...


first post: daan969 wrote: how it works with Windows 8.1 sopcast Home Media Center?

Windows 8.1 x64 subtitles problem

first post: siljo wrote: When i was using windows 8.0 the subtitles was working,now i upgrad...


first post: Xtremegamer wrote: Hi, Web Portal: i would like to know where the web server files ...

Windows Server 2003/subtitles

first post: lcdata wrote: Hi, I can't seem to make subtitles work. I have WS 2003 SP2, Home ...

Lan media streaming ?

first post: PlaySharp wrote: Hi, Is it possible to use it for streaming a media from a PC into ...

MP4 direct show Support

first post: ukkathva wrote: Hi Geeks, First of all let me tell you , I am not a programmer by...

Windows Server 2012?

first post: Yooakim wrote: I've been looking all over the Internet for a native Windows UPNP/...

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